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Ready for the first adventure of this year? Because we are ready for you. We prepared a unique Transylvanian adventure to start the year with. You will embark on a journey that will take you through the culture and traditions hosted by the old Transylvanian cities. The path will lead us to the snow covered forests all the way up on the mountain that “guard” this land of mystery and natural wonders. Along the way we will stop and delight ourselves with the local cuisine in traditional rustic restaurants. Everything is shaped to ensure the best mix of winter activities, culture, gastronomy and of course, sense of adventure.

9.950 DKK

Date: 9/01/2018 – 16/01/2018

What does the package include?

☑ Accommodation (hotel 3*/traditional guest house)

☑ 6 x breakfast

☑ 7 x dinner

☑ 7 x lunch/ lunch box

☑ Transportation within the tour

☑ Airport transfer

☑ Professional English-speaking
guides/mountain rangers

☑ Activities

☑ 2 x day ski pass

☑ Ski/Snowboard gear

☑ Snowshoes

☑ Uncharted Team group leader that will assist
you throughout the tour (English speaking)

☑ Entry fees to the objectives within the tour

☑ This adventure is a package deal; therefore,
it provides you with coverage from
Travel Guarantee Fund
(Rejsegarantifonden) – see your benefits

☑ Snowboarding basic course with
English-speaking instructor

☑ Cancellation – more details

☐ Transportation to the starting
point of the tour, Cluj-Napoca t/r

☐ Insurance

*what package includes: ☑/ *what package does not include: ☐

Why we love this adventure?

• It was designed for individual travellers, group of friends or co-workers as well as families;

• This tour provides a wide variety of mountain activities that can be performed, all to ensure that you, the adventurer, are able to explore the nature beauty from all angles (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, off-road 4x4);

• The travellers have the chance to discover and visit the city in a new way, by engaging themselves in an interactive game of treasure-hunt;

• It is suitable for a different variety of interests such as sports, sightseeing, gastronomy, culture, traditions;

• You have the opportunity to get free snowboarding lessons with professional English-speaking instructor;

• The sense of adventure you receive in this tour will make its’ memory worth of your travelling book;

• The most important things you have to bring along are warm winter clothes as well as skiing/snowboarding pants and jackets. All the rest such as gear for different activities will be provided either by us or our partners.

• High emphasis on sustainable travelling.

Is this adventure suitable for you?

• A minimum level of fitness is required as the snowshoe hiking tour involves a fair amount of walking, allowing you to really get among nature;

• Temperatures in the winter can get to ca. -15°C, so make sure you have proper winter clothes;

• Even though the tour is suitable for families, some of the activities are not recommended for children bellow 16;

• The tour focuses on more than just one activity, therefore the time is divided in such way that all activities can be performed;

• The skiing/snowboarding slopes are not longer than 600m. This makes the place perfectly suitable for people who want to learn the sport, amateurs and professional freestylers that can make use of the Fun Park. Of course, even if you are a professional you can have fun due to the amazing environment, just make sure you take into account the details presented above.

Daily schedule

Day 1

Welcome to the mysterious Transylvania. Kick off your adventure with your group leader, who is going to wait for you at the starting point of the tour, Cluj Napoca Airport. The adventure will start with a visit to the biggest and oldest salt mine in Romania, 108m underground, dating from 1271. After the tour of the mine, you are going to head towards the accommodation in the city of Sibiu. The day will end with a traditional lunch followed by a cosy evening where we will get to know each other more.

Day 2-Day 3

Day 2 and 3 are reserved for skiing and snowboarding in the Arena Platos resort. There you can take advantage of the 3 slopes, each measuring 600m in distance and of the most modern fun-park in Romania with nightlights, dedicated to three skill levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced. Moreover, for those who never tried any of these sports, or those who are eager to learn snowboarding, Uncharted team offers an opportunity to have free snowboarding lessons on Day 2 & Day 3. Last but not least, every weekend at Arena Platos Paltinis there are sport competitions, for professionals, families and wacky games, such as already famous “Slide and Freeze” or the “Miss Bikini” contest. The parties and concerts, which take place in Arena Platos, have become legendary. If a skiing/snowboarding session is not enough for you, no worries, the following activities added to the adventure packages will ensure a memorable experience.

Day 4

On the 4th day we will go for a hike in the mountains. But this wont but any regular hike, it will be a snowshoe hike. Our path will lead us to the Fagaras Mountains, also known as the White Giant of the Carpathians. Here we will visit the ice hotel and church, unique in the South-East Europe. From Balea Lake (2030m) we will start our ascend towards Curmatura Balii (2235m) then we will descend through Valea Doamnei and all they way down to Balea Waterfall (1234m). This is a medium but slightly demanding route that will take 4-5h (including breaks). The altitude level differences will be +200/-1000. The day will end with a cosy (hygge) afternoon with the group, back in Sibiu.

Day 5

This day is dedicated to the Culture and Gastronomy part of our adventure. During the span of it you will get the chance to discover the city throughout an interacting treasure hunt in the old city. The quest has been designed in such way that it will get you through the history of the city and help you discover the story of Sibiu’s 7 towers that influenced the growth of the city. You will have to follow the given clues, and whenever you feel that you are in a struggle, our team will be ready to give you extra hints in order for you to solve the clues and continue your discovery. Once your quest is completed we are going to have lunch and take a walk back in time, while visiting the The “ASTRA” Museum of Traditional Folk and Civilization which represents the largest open air ethnographic exhibition in Europe. You will be able to witness a display of 400 monuments folk architecture and technique in combination with a collection of ethnographic heritage objects. The day will end with a gastronomical delight in terms of traditional food and placement at the Nobleman’s Pantry (Camara Boierului). The restaurant is the embodiment of tradition, culture and folk, starting from the interior designed and all the way to the food served.

Day 6

We have been skiing, snowboarding and hiking on the Carpathians. Now there is one more thing we can do to enjoy the beauty of nature and the landscapes, an off-road 4x4 experience. We will take the snow-covered trails that will lead us to through the forest covered by the beauty of winter, all the way up on the mountains. Along the way, we will stop by different spots with breath-taking views in order for you, the traveller, to enjoy the beauty of the nature and take amazing photos for your portfolio, Instagram, Facebook or simply for the memory of the place. If the weather is not too harsh on us, we will stop for a cosy picnic or a BBQ, consisting of traditional bio products. In order to properly celebrate the adventure, you embarked on, Day 6 will end with a party or a pub crawl.

Day 7

Last day is dedicated for your free time, where you have the flexibility to do whatever you will feel like. From skiing and snowboarding to a nice walk in the town or in the shopping mall for souvenirs, or even trying out then new places around the town. In the afternoon we will say goodbye to Sibiu, and head towards Cluj-Napoca where again you have the night free to explore the city, of course with the guidance and advices of your group leader.

*For more details and insights of the tours, please check the Essential Information page.