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Best of both world

This tour will take you through the heart of the mountain, on a journey to explore relics of old times and traditions, while ensuring maximum comfort at a luxurious hotel, giving you the possibility to enjoy the city night life to its fullest, while spending the days in the breath-taking embrace of nature. Enjoy the best of both worlds in an experience you will never forget!


Scheduled by individual request

What does the package include?

☑ Accommodation (hotel 5*)

☑ 6 x breakfast

☑ 7 x dinner

☑ 7 x lunch/ lunch box

☑ Transportation within the tour

☑ Airport transfer

☑ Professional English-speaking
guides/mountain rangers

☑ Activities highlighted in the itinerary

☑ Rock Climbing gear

☑ Rock Climbing basic course
with English speaking instructor

☑ Entry fees to the objectives within the tour

☑ Uncharted Team group leader that will assist
you throughout the tour (English speaking)

☐ Transportation to the starting
point of the tour, Cluj-Napoca t/r

☐ Insurance

*what package includes: ☑/ *what package does not include: ☐

Why we love this adventure?

• Your adventure is going to be unique. Hence you won’t be just “another brick in the wall” when it comes to travelling

• It was designed for individual travellers, group of friends or co-workers as well as families

• The travellers have the chance to discover and visit the city in a new way, by engaging themselves in an interactive game of treasure-hunt

• It is suitable for a different variety of interests such as sports, sightseeing, gastronomy, culture, traditions

• It is the ideal opportunity to experience an active trip if you have not done it before. The routes and activities are designed to make you enjoy adventure while at the same time not totally consume your energy

• High emphasis on sustainable travelling

Is this adventure suitable for you?

• A minimum level of fitness is required as the hiking tour and rock climbing involve a fair amount of physical exercise

• Temperatures in the spring – autumn interval can vary from ca. 15°C up to 35°C so make sure that apart from rain jackets and warm clothes you also bring sunscreen cream

• Even though the tour is suitable for families, some of the activities are not recommended for children bellow 16

• The tour focuses on more than just one activity, therefore the time is divided in such way that all activities can be performed

• The rock climbing spots have routes suitable for all levels. Therefore, no matter if you are an adventurer who tries climbing for the first time, or a professional in this activity the spots are ready to fit your demands and exceed your expectations

Daily schedule

Day 1

Welcometo the mysterious Transylvania. Kick off your adventure with your group leader who is going to wait for you at the starting point of the tour, Cluj Napoca Airport. The adventure will start with a visit to the biggest and oldest salt mine in Romania, 108m underground, dating from 1271. After the tour of the mine, you are going to head towards the accommodation in the city of Sibiu.
Once at the accommodation, all participants will be greeted with a traditional meal and the rest of the evening will be dedicated to resting and getting to know each other.

Day 2

The second day will focus on experiencing the historical city of Sibiu and its surroundings in a fun and interactive way. Our first activity will be a treasure hunt quest around the old city. The quest has been designed in such way that it will get you through the history of the city and help you discover the story of Sibiu’s 7 towers that influenced the growth of the city. You will have to follow the given clues, and whenever you feel that you are in a struggle, our team will be ready to give you extra hints in order for you to solve the clues and continue your discovery.
The afternoon will be a new kind of forest experience, as the participants will move from tree to tree, above the ground, in the famous adventurepark, Arka Park.

Day 3

As we make our way through the old villages and green forests, we will discover hidden ruins, like the Cisnadioara citadel, that will allow us to step in the past while enjoying the mesmerizing landscapes. Our day will continue with a rock climbing initiation, starting off with a short presentation of safety measures alongside basic climbing techniques explained and exemplified by trained and experienced climbers. Afterwards, everyone can enjoy the rocky wall, with the breath-taking landscape of the forest lying beneath. For lunch, we will have a picnic.

Day 4

On our fourth day we will take a trip to the village of Hosman, a true treasure in terms of traditions, culture and gastronomy. Here we will first visit an old saxon fortified church from the 13th century. The painted scenes inside the church invite us to a true journey into the fantastic world, but they also give us a lesson on life: zoomorphic characters, biblical or fantastic characters, supernatural beings and dramatic scenes draw our attention to the eternal struggle between good and evil, between matter and spirit, between divine and devilish.
Our journey continues to the Old Mill in town, where we will be thought how to prepare bread and bake it in an old fashion manner.
After lunch we will take a relaxing walk back in time, while visiting the The “ASTRA” Museum of Traditional Folk and Civilization which represents the largest open air ethnographic exhibition in Europe. You will be able to witness a display of 400 monuments folk architecture and technique in combination with a collection of ethnographic heritage objects.

Day 5

The training from the 4th day will be "tested" in a friendly competition on the rocks. The day will end with a BBQ and a party.

Day 6

The sixth day will start with a 4x4 off-road tour, which will take the participants through the Cindrel mountains on various difficulty tracks, making for a great experience. Along the way, we will stop for a cosy picnic in a spot with a breath-taking view. Upon return to the accommodation, we will build a campfire together and enjoy more traditional delights from various regions of the country.

Day 7

On the final day we will be travelling towards Cluj Napoca, with one stop along the way to visit the Turzii Canyon. We will traverse the canyon together in a relaxing hike. In Cluj Napoca, the day will end with accommodation at the guesthouse and a free afternoon to enjoy the wonders of the lively city.

*For more details and insights of the tours, please check the Essential Information page.